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Catch Your Dream

The National Bank of Egypt "NBE" is aiming to support Egyptian youth in development, which is the most important wealth of Egypt, which helps in achieving the sustainable development goals and Egypt 2030 vision, in light of the bank’s orientation towards training and qualifying Egyptian youth, which encouraged the National Bank of Egypt to launch "Catch Your Dream" initiative.

The National Bank of Egypt is carrying out the project in cooperation with Misr El-Kheir Foundation and Tatwerr International Learning Technology targeting 7,000 of Egyptian youth, in order to qualifying them to obtain decent job opportunities and fill in the gab between the needs of the labor market in all of its sectors and the youth qualification and skills, spreading awareness about the concepts of entrepreneurship, life skills and financial inclusion.

Registration opens from March 21, 2021, for a period of two months, or after completing the target number of trainees.

Please make sure that you installed "Telegram" application and available on your mobile devices for communication.

for more inquires please contact us at: cyd.support@tatweer-international.com