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Time Management

Time Management

EGP 249

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About the Course

To learn how to create a mission and vision based on an accurate assessment of your professional and personal situation and to know the way of translation of the vision and mission into tangible actions.

Know how to have the tools and way of thinking to help you manage your day-today tasks in terms of prioritizing and know the techniques of managing time in a more efficient and productive way!

  • In this course you'll learn:
  • Developing your vision and mission
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Setting and managing priorities 
  • Managing your workload 
  • Avoiding time wasters




90 min


5 Sessions



  • Time Management

  • Session 1: Developing your vision and mission
  • Session 2: Setting SMART goals
  • Session 3: Setting and managing priorities
  • Session 4: Managing your workload
  • Session 5: Avoiding time wasters

  • ...
    Mostafa Akila Teleb ibrahim


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Tatweer International

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