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Societal Issues

Societal Issues


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About the Course

There are many issues that represent a major focus in the development, development and renaissance of any society, such as the issues of population increase, combating corruption and human rights, and other issues that require a degree of awareness and awareness from society, for the renaissance and development of the Egyptian state, so the Ministry of Social Solidarity headed to prepare a plan to raise Youth awareness of the dangers of these issues,

Through this training program, we will learn about the most important Egyptian societal issues





7 Sessions



  • Societal Issues

  • Session 1: Civil Work Law Regulating
  • Session 2: Law for People with Disabilities
  • Session 3: Forsa Initiative
  • Session 4: Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)
  • Session 5: Company incorporation laws
  • Session 6: SMEs Finance Laws
  • Session 7: Financial Inclusion Definition

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