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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

EGP 249

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About the Course

You'll learn in this course how to:

  • Know what a presentation means and the difference between it and a public speech.
  • Understand the research and data gathering phases of preparing a presentation, as well as how to develop an outline based on your objectives as a presenter, and your audiences objectives.
  • Learn the techniques needed to be able to defeat your fear of public speaking, so that you can become a confident presenter, in addition to some last-minute rehearsal tips that you need before the presentation.
  • Learn about various ways of delivering a presentation and different types of presenters, and how to effectively use non-verbal communication for presenting and reading your audience reaction.
  • Learn techniques on how to handle questions, and react to disruptive audience members. 




116 Minutes


5 Sessions



  • Presentation Skills

  • Session 1: Presentation and public speeches
  • Session 2: Creating and structuring a presentation
  • Session 3: Presenting with confidence
  • Session 4: Identifying types of presenters
  • Session 5: Handling difficult questions

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    Mahmoud Mohmed Ramdan Mohmed


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