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Office Management

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EGP 249

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About the Course

This course will help you to:

  • learn the most important skills in dealing with phone calls and the differences between the various phone systems.
  • Pay attention to the most important rules of handling mails and packages.
  • Know the basics of filing and the different filing approaches and steps.
  • Learning how to handle office equipment to increase efficiency by using them correctly and safely.
  • Learn the importance of keeping waste to a minimum and how to do so.
  • Know how to handle different types of meetings effectively by knowing the steps of a successful meeting.
  • Know the most important practices and procedures in organizing travel and accommodation.
  • Know the most important practices and procedures in managing diary.
  • Realize the principles of effective customer service.
  • Understand the concept of reception service and the responsibilities of a receptionist.




100 Minutes


10 Sessions


English - Arabic

  • Office Management

  • Session 1: Making and receiving phone calls
  • Session 2: Handling mail
  • Session 3: Filing
  • Session 4: Office Equipment
  • Session 5: Keeping Waste to a Minimum
  • Session 6: Meeting Arrangement
  • Session 7: Organizing Travel and Accommodation
  • Session 8: Diary Management Procedures
  • Session 9: Effective Customer Service
  • Session 10: Reception Services and Procedures

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