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Learn How To Learn

Learn How To Learn

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About the Course

Learning is a skill and you can learn it too.   With simple explanations on how your memory and learning process function, you will be able to understand, retain and easily retrieve what you have learned.  Causes and techniques to overcome lack of concentration are presented to you in a nutshell.
Being an “A” Learner is a stepping stone to being a successful Professional.     

Intended learning objectives: 

  • Identify different styles of learning 
  • Understand how learning and memory function in the brain 
  • Practice effective learning and memory retention techniques
  • Learn proven simple ways of speed-reading large chunks of data 
  • Integrate visualization into learning process
  • Overcome obstacles to learning and memory retrieval 




40 Min


6 Sessions



  • Learn How To Learn

  • Session 1: Memory and Learning
  • Session 2: How do we Learn?
  • Session 3: Facts about the brain
  • Session 4: Memory enhancement
  • Session 5: Visualization
  • Session 6: Plan Your Time
  • Exercise Folder

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