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Human Resources

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EGP 199

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About the Course

In this course you'll learn how to:

  • learn the most important functions and goals of HR in an organization
  • know the different designs of organization structure and the basics of job design.
  • understand the concept of competency management.
  • Learning the objectives and designing of performance management.
  • know the most important practices and procedures of recruitment and staffing.
  • understand the basic of training and development.




120 Minutes


5 Sessions


English - Arabic

  • Human Resources

  • Session 1: HR as a strategic partner
  • Session 2: Organizational Behavior
  • Session 3: Building competency-based HR
  • Session 4: Recruitment, Staffing and Performance Management
  • Session 5: Training and Development

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Tatweer International

Tatweer International is the first Career e-Development company in Egypt.

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