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Healthy Boundaries and Assertiveness

Healthy Boundaries and Assertiveness

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About the Course

Healthy boundaries are the lines that separate your personal space and the other's space, the space that you accept or not.

The red lines that you build, and the other does not have the right to cross them. This helps you to communicate with those around you in a better way

Good boundaries make good neighbors, and we apply this in the field of work and say: good boundaries make an effective and cooperative team





8 Sessions



  • Healthy Boundaries and Assertiveness

  • Session 1: Boundaries
  • Session 2: Types of Boundaries
  • Session 3: Boundaries Penetrators
  • Session 4: How to set a healthy boundaries with others?
  • Session 5: Communication Methods
  • Session 6: Assertiveness
  • Session 7: Assertiveness Characteristics and Skills
  • Session 8: Assertiveness Practical Scenarios

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