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Design Thinking Fundamentals

Design Thinking Fundamentals

EGP 99

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About the Course

Design thinking is an effective model for facing challenges, solving problems, developing and improving lives by finding innovative and creative solutions based on understanding the needs and desires of the target audience.

Design thinking improves the quality of life and the world around us, as it is a major reason for the development of communications and information technology, the technological and industrial revolution, devices, tools and equipment that facilitated and facilitated the lives of individuals and societies, which we are witnessing at its peak in the current era.





7 Sessions



  • Design Thinking Fundamentals

  • Session 1: Design Thinking Introduction
  • Session 2: Empathize
  • Session 3: Define
  • Session 4: Ideate
  • Session 5: Prototype
  • Session 6: Test
  • Session 7: Conclusion

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